Middletown Sportsmen's Club

Shooting Range

Our members make use of an ample shooting range that can be used by both rifle and pistol enthusiasts. Complete with shooting tables, benches and a variety of distances (7 to 200 yards), we are confident you can get the practice in to reach whatever your specific goals may be.

1911 Pistol Shooting Matches

Our club does hold pistol matches on the third Saturday of each month – with the exception of November, due to Thanksgiving. That match is always held on the second Saturday of the month.

Shooting matches are open to anyone and the cost for entry is $5.00 per firearm.

shooting range
shooting range

Other Restrictions Include:

  • Any caliber revolver or autoloader may be used (from 9mm – .45), and optical sights may be used, although those firearms must be shot one-handed
  • Open (iron) sighted pistols may be fired either one or two-handed
  • A separate 22 rim fire match is fired and only 22 rim fires may be used
  • There are four classifications and you will be put into a class depending upon your score average
  • Competitors will do the scoring with help of range officers

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