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Sporting Clays

One of the fastest growing and most exciting clay target games is definitely Sporting Clays. Sometimes called the “golf” of shooting games, “courses” are set up for squads of 1–6 people to move through. Oftentimes, these courses can be modified on a regular basis to keep things more interesting.

The Middletown Sportsmen’s Club offers a full Sporting Clay course with up to 15 stations available. Shooters move between numbered stations and can select a 50-target round, or 100-target round. Again, it’s a lot like playing nine holes of golf, or a full 18 holes – depends upon the time you would like to invest.

Sporting Clay Shooting Basics

There is a “cage” or shooting area at each of the numbered stops on the course. Each stop will have two traps that release clay birds that mimic the real flight patterns in the wild.

Participants rotate the order at each station, with the fist person being allowed to see a flight path (or pull) to prepare for the specific setup. Squads work their way through the course until everyone has met their target limits.

sporting clays

Cost for 50 Clay Targets
(from Feb.1, 2022)

MSC Members:  $20.00
Non-members:  $25.00

Cost for 100 Clay Targets
(from Feb.1, 2022)

MSC Members:  $35.00
Non-members:  $45.00

Shotgun ammo can be purchased at the club. Reloading components are also available for sale at main counter. Inventories include rifle / pistol / shotgun powder, wads,
primers and shot in sizes 9, 8, 8.5, 7, 7.5, 6, 5 and 4’s.
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Sporting Clay Rules at the Middletown Sportsmen's Club

  • Firearms always open
    Squads of two to six people in size
  • DO NOT load gun till you are in the
    Shooter’s Box
  • Guns should be UNLOADED when not
    in the Shooter’s Box
  • If a malfunction occurs, keep gun downrange
  • Never move off station until gun is open
    and safe
  • Eye and ear protection is mandatory
  • Move from station to station in numeric order
  • If starting on back-half, shoot in
    numeric order
  • Always police yourself and others around you

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