Middletown Sportsmen's Club

Stocked Fishing Lake

Relaxing time with the family is more fun when you actually CATCH SOME FISH!

The Middletown Sportsmen’s Club offers members a three acre lake that is stocked each year – offering you more enjoyment and action with the rod and reel. There is a shelter provided and plenty of spots to cast in from along the ample shoreline.

We do have a campground that is open to members year round – $15 per night. But please make that it is water and electric only. No gas powered generators or equipment. Please call for reservation of the campgrounds.

Lake Rules Include:

  • Minnows (dead or alive), are forbidden to be used as bait
  • There is a 2-line limit per person
  • There is a limit of 12 panfish (crappie or bluegill), caught per card holder
  • Limit of SIX game fish (catfish or trout), per card holder – including no more than two large-mouth bass measuring 14″ or longer. Lengths are measured from snout to longest tip of it’s tail
  • All members of a given card holder have to posses a fishing lake badge on their person, and it has to be in plain sight the entire time they are fishing. This badge should be obtained from the front office and returned before leaving the Club
  • Fish inspections will be done by management at various times. All persons must be aware of lake rules and their importance – failure to comply could lead to the termination of your entire Club Membership

Contact Middletown Sportsmen’s Club by calling (513) 422-5112,
or send us an e-mail here…